Condemned Property?

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On December 20, 2012 it was reported in that the number of veterans who die waiting for benefits claims is skyrocketing! I can personally attest to this as the Veterans Administration took two and a half years to finally approve my disability claim for type II diabetes caused by exposure to Agent Orange.  The VA denied most of my other related conditions and I continue to battle them to this day. The infamous VA process of deny, deny and delay till we die is covered in my new book, Condemned Property?

In May 2013, Good Morning America/Yahoo News released an article stating that suicide rates spike in Vietnam vets who don’t seek help. The rate of suicide among Vietnam War veterans has always been the highest of any particular group, and it still is in 2013 according to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. This alarming fact is one of the most important reasons I wrote this book dedicated to my brothers who fought in Vietnam and are still fighting to stay alive.


About Dusty Earl Trimmer

Dusty Earl Trimmer

“Dusty” Earl Trimmer has been a marketing professional for over forty years (1972 – 2013), representing billion dollar companies. He served in the 25th Infantry Tropic Lightning Division’s Bravo Company of the 3rd 22nd Regulars during the Vietnam War’s bloodiest years of 1968 – 1969 in South Vietnam’s Iron Triangle area near Cambodia. He served initially as a “grunt”, mostly as a pointman for the 1st Platoon of Bravo Company where he was a highly decorated combat infantryman.



So many of us have been quiet about that war for oh, so long. We who have survived are old now. We are in our mid sixties to early seventies … those of us who are still alive. We were young when we were soldiers in that hellhole called South Vietnam. Being soldiers changed most of our lives forever. Most of us loved our country when we were young soldiers, and most of us still love our country. We did our job in a brave manner even though we were scared stiff, and even though we didn’t know it. We were obligated to go to Vietnam and obey our orders once we were there … regardless of the consequences.


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